Légende d'Automne

I support the creation of a new park



The association "Voir c'est Toucher" has been founded to create and develop sculpture parks for visually impaired people.

The goal of the association is to install sets of bronze sculptures, illustrating tales and stories. They are to be set up in an open air place  available to a large public. The sculptures are particularly made for being touched and come with explanations in Braille writing.

The main responsibilities of the association are fund raising and the promotion of the projects. Its very first goal was the set-up of the Légende d’Automne project in the Parc de la Légende located in Lausanne, a park that has been offered by the City for this purpose.

The association is state-approved and tax-exempt.

Je suis bouleversée par ces sculptures en bronze qui tiennent compte avec finesse, sensibilité, tact et poésie, des approches pédagogiques du braille, du relief, du toucher, de la sécurité dans la découverte. Nous qui sommes au service des élèves aveugles ou malvoyants de 0 à 20 ans, tout nous parle!
- Isabelle Mathis, Ancienne Directrice CPHV, Lausanne