The story of Légende d'Automne

has not been translated yet. You may want to order the French version via

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Available in library : N° ISBN 9782825142134

Price: CHF 26.-

English version to come later

To touch is to see

Eighteen sequences in bronze on a path of about 200 meters narrate a legend. Each one comes with a book explaining the story step by step, in braille and in letters.

This is a long lasting and sustainable project that enhances integration, communications and exchange. Implemented in a pleasant and easily accessible urban environment, it sets an example of Art for All.

The creation meets the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for accessibility. It is also fully in line with the EU resolution "In Touch with Art 2010" for blind and visually impaired people "

The Swiss sculptress Sara.H is the author of the work - Biography

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Let's realize another parc!

"Parc de la Légende" has been installed in Lausanne in September 2015, and the initiative has been very successful! So we have decided to go a step further. We would like to create similar parks in other Swiss or foreign cities.

Those will also  be financed by donations. You will find more informations at this place in one or two months. If you  feel attracted by the idea and would like to help, please go to "Help us" page.